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Introduce | 简介

STES(STE Limited Network Service),is a non-profit project initiated by a personal ISP(STE87)in 2019, providing free network resources.

Of course, due to cost issues (STE87 doesn't have much money), this project is a private one and is not open to the public. Generally speaking, it needs to be introduced by an inviter before it can be used.

Due to cost issues, there are very few projects that STES can provide, but I will do my best to meet the reasonable needs of users as much as possible under legal and compliant circumstances.

The concept initiated by STES is to provide high-quality network resources and various types of testing platforms to meet various development needs for friends and oneself around us.

This has also enabled STES to achieve the goal of "developers only do it, and I am responsible for hardware and network resources", but due to financial issues, limited resources can only be provided.

In the full name of STES, STE Limited Network Service, Limited does not mean a company, but rather means limited STE resources.


Peering | 互联政策

Peering Page


Routing | 路由政策

Routing Page


Domains | 域名

STES has many domain names that are used for different purposes, but if you are willing to apply for a secondary domain name from me, I am also willing to give you one.Many addresses are fine, I don't care about these resources. - is a personal domain name of STE87, registered with the public security (沪公网安备31012002005558号) and ICP (沪ICP备2022006155号-1), with DNSSEC. - is the domain name of the main activities of STES, registered with ICP (沪ICP备2022006155号-2), and has an SSL certificate of * - is an auxiliary domain name for STES. Generally, it is used for parsing emergencies and is usually used to experiment with new things, with DNSSEC.

Stestudio. cn- is the team domain name of STES, and STE87 generally does not govern this domain name. Everything is left to the user for use, unless there is illegal content. - is the main domain name used by STES for global activities, mainly for resolution and feasibility verification. There is no SLA guarantee, and autonomous edge DNS resolution. - A real backup domain name that is not commonly used, but only used when subjected to devastating attacks. I hope it will never have resolution, with DNSSEC and a * certificates. - is the main page of STES services, as you can see, I have been wanting a. net domain name for a long time, but it was only very late that I was willing to buy it.


Virtualization | 虚拟化

STES has a self built server cluster in the Shanghai region. Due to limited resources, it only provides LXC and KVM virtual machine services and does not provide independent server resources

Due to well-known reasons, the self built cluster of STES only has one public network exit and can only use NAT ports (router NAT+Frp). The total bandwidth of the exit is only 100Mbps, and if attacked, only the network cable can be unplugged.

Of course, although the cluster has already popularized IPv6 addresses, I need to apply because every time the IP segment changes, I need to remind you to modify the new prefix. I'm very sorry. (No money to purchase a fixed IP address:L).

The resources within the cluster are also very tight (with the least shortage of CPU). Although there is much more memory than the cloud server, it cannot withstand much project that needs to allocate 10G+RAM. If the cluster really runs out of memory, I may enable Ballooning. Please forgive me.

Because it is non-profit, there is no reliable guarantee of SLA. The SLA of the server cluster is around 99.8% (including maintenance time, power outage time, and attack time).


Colocation | 托管

We provide Colocation, but as it is a non-profit project, there is no SLA guarantee. We will provide you with a single unredundant power supply system of 110v~220V 50Hz AC. Of course, the electricity bill is calculated based on a used and there is no fixed value.

There is a lot of space left in the rack, so we do not charge for the rack. However, you must provide a standard server (1U or above), and it cannot be too wide (>600mm) or too long (>1000mm).

According to your requirements, we will connect you to the network, which can be directly connected to the core switch of SDIXP (Only can be accessed by 10GE), or connected to the network provided by the local ISP, only supporting NAT ports.

Please use according to the STES usage guidelines and comply with local regulations. In case of illegal use, we have the right to freeze your server, including but not limited to power outage, network disconnection, and handing over to police.

Data Security | 数据安全

Except for the Shanghai cluster, which has local backups, all other nodes do not have data backups, so developing on the LXC and KVM of the Shanghai cluster is very safe.

Back up locally, store snapshots once a day, and the server will keep the last three snapshots, and verify them twice a day to ensure data security, because STES knows that data is priceless, which is everyone's work.

Of course, force majeure factors should also be excluded from the above situations. STES has almost no disaster recovery plan. If there are serious natural disasters, unexpected events (rack collapse), etc.,I will run away (LOL)


Information Gathering | 信息收集

We will collect your information, which is not uncommon, but I will not collect your personal information. We will only collect information that I can publicly access and analyze it only for intercepting attacks.

Including but not limited to: User-Agent, IP address, Access path, Access time, domain name, return code, request time, proxy-IP, xforwordfor.

This information will be sent to the data center in Shanghai and kept for 7 days. If you feel that this has offended you, please contact me.


STES IP Address | 节点IP

Do you think STES's server may launch an attack on you? Or if you want to know if it is a node owned by STES, you can do so.

Simply, if you use the tracert+IP or traceroute+IP command, the result with Rdns should end with the domain name mentioned above, such as:, or xxxx: xxxx: xxxx::, etc. As long as the top-level domain name is the suffix of the above domain name, it is basically determined that it is a STES server. However, it is recommended to contact us for further verification and confirmation (some service providers do not forcibly detect the forward DNS of rDNS, which may lead to malicious settings).

If there is no rDNS, there is no need to worry. There are several nodes in STES that do not have rDNS. Please check the IP address if they are from Shanghai Fengxian Telecom, Singapore Alibaba Cloud, and Shanghai Alibaba Cloud. Please contact me for verification.


Contact | 联系

Please send an email to

It can also be sent to